Who Will Care For My Young Children If My Spouse And I Both Die Suddenly?

Every parent worries about what would happen if both parents die suddenly or are unable to fulfil you parental responsibilities for some other reason. If both parents of a minor child die suddenly, then another adult (guardian) has to step in and assume responsibility for the minor child. The guardian will be responsible for raising the child until he/she becomes an adult. To ensure that the best person is appointed as the guardian, you and your spouse can use your wills to nominate the adult you feel best qualified to raise your child.

If the need ever arises for a guardian to be appointed, then the court will appoint the person nominated in your wills. If no one has been nominated then anyone who is interested can petition the court to be appointed the guardian.

Some of the factors that you need to consider in naming a guardian are as follows:

  • Is the person an adult?
  • Is the person too old to care for a minor child?
  • Is the person truly concerned about your child’s welfare?
  • Does the guardian have the same moral beliefs as you?